Cbox Video Studio

Simple Video Production

The Cbox Video Studio captures the event, just as it happened, and delivers a rich-media experience that can be viewed via the Medical Media Portal on any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac) in HD. 

Subject matter experts can record rich media, video presentations from their desktop, conference room,  lecture hall or operating room. 

The Cbox provides unprecedented video production power. With the simple touch of a button, the Cbox enables a non-technical user to effortlessly produce remarkably rich content, automatically saved in multiple video formats.

Cbox Video Studio features:

  • Live streaming
  • Simultaneous recording in multiple formats
  • Auto-chaptering during recording
  • Optical Character Recognition of presentation text
  • Multiple video & audio inputs
  • Programmable pan/tilt/ zoom (PTZ) camera presets
  • Auto-formatting of media

Simple to Record

Connect your presentation devices (laptop, multiple PTZ cameras, audio inputs and DVD player) to the Cbox and with the touch of a button, create a multi-camera presentation package that is ready to be streamed live or recorded.

Cost Effective Video Production

Cbox can save an organization thousands of dollars on expensive video production costs, replacing pricey camera operators, sound personnel, producers, switches and mixers - all with a 15-pound portable appliance with touch-screen interface.  

Superior capabilities and full Medical Media Portal integration - all for about the cost of a single multi-camera video production.

Cbox Workflow

Media Upload Manager

The Medical Media Portal’s  Media Upload Manager makes it easy to assign a content category, add metadata (used as search criteria on the Media Portal) and upload video content.

A system administrator can upload content to the Media Portal and distribute it to some, or all of your user- types, anywhere in the World, on any device. 

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