CME Activity Manager

MMP CME Activity Manager Screen Shot

Simple CME Activity Management

Wouldn't it be great if...

- you could stop chasing applications, disclosures, agreements, presenters, presentations, peer reviewers, sign-in sheets and evaluations – and easily manage your CME activities?

- the entire process was paperless and included automated workflow, notifications and checklists so you knew when each piece of the process was complete, who finished it, and when it was completed?

- the system automatically ensured you were meeting all necessary ACCME criteria and reporting  for ACCME PARS?

MMP CME Activity Manager Screen Shot

Integrated CME Event Management

Turn a Live Activity into Enduring Material – It's Easy

CME Activity Manager has integrated event management so that once you’re ready, the activity can be automatically added to the Event Calendar.

Once the event is posted, visitors to the Portal can register online. Integrated eCommerce makes it simple for attendees to pay for the event.

Live events can be streamed and recorded using the Cbox Video Studio. After the event, upload all content needed to create your enduring material, and publish the activity for your online learners – anywhere in the world.

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