Media Portal

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Media Portal includes a feature-rich Learning Management System, perfect for delivering CE and CME, but equally great at delivering new employee orientation, job-specific employee training, executive messages and contractor safety orientation.

Create courses by uploading your video (or other media types including PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)  – add tests and surveys – upload a course-specific certificate of completion – assign the user-type(s) you want to view the course – and publish your course. It's that easy.  And you’ll be able to track each learners’ progress and course completion in our Reports Manager

Using the Cbox Video Studio, easily stream and record perfectly formatted videos of live events, upload the video, attach the media to a course created in CME Activity Manager, or use the LMS to create a new course.

Harness the Power of Video

  • Continuing Medical Education 
  • Staff Training & Certification
  • New Employee Orientation  
  • Medical Procedures
  • Executive Messages

Video Management & Online Distribution

The Media Portal offers an innovative, yet simple way to get immersive, educational experiences into the hands of your learners - and measure the effectiveness of every communication.  

Learners access the Media Portal at their convenience, quickly search for content or a course of interest, then view the course on any device. 

Registered users have access to a personalized “My Courses” section, where they can view all courses they have attended, have been assigned to them, are in progress, or that have been completed. Learners can complete courses, print course certificates or download and print their entire transcript.

Manage and distribute your content to any audience - anywhere in the world - on any device (tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac).

Achieve ACCME Compliance &
Professional Certification Requirements

Medical Media Portal allows your organization to create, manage, deliver and measure employee certification and training programs and fulfill Continuing Medical Education requirements.  

Once an activity is approved, creators can attach disclosures, tests and surveys, and issue personalized certificates of completion. A live event can be streamed, recorded and uploaded to the system to easily create enduring materials.

Courses can be assigned to any system user-role and certification may be required, or optional. Medical Media Portal provides easy to use, flexible, course administration.

Contractor Orientation Compliance

Medical Media Portal can be used to certify required safety orientation of your contractors. 

Effort required from your internal resources to perform site-specific orientation – ZERO.

Contractors complete online, site-specific orientation.  Upon successful completion, the system issues each contractor an ID card. The ID card can be used to allow contractor access to your site, and contractor time-tracking can also be enabled.

  • Site-specific contractor orientation is delivered online
  • Contractor receives system-generated ID card 
  • Contractor must present ID card to gain site access 
  • ID card can be scanned for clock-in/clock-out
  • System provides complete contractor reporting

Contractors arrive at your location, site personnel verify completion of site-specific orientation via the ID card – and contractors can get to work.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reports

Medical Media Portal's Reports Manager collects and stores all portal usage data, allowing managers to analyze data, identify trends and produce reports.  

Reporting allows you to fulfill compliance thresholds and better manage risk by verifying new employee orientation and training, contractor safety orientation completion and patient post-discharge surveys.

System Administrators can generate reports in order to satisfy ACCME PARS reporting, along with other organizational compliance requirements. Easily validate which content users have viewed, competency levels, survey results, and user comments.

Reporting can measure communication effectiveness, while test scores guide content creation choices - and your organization's overall success.

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