Medical Media Portal
is the “Gold Standard” for
Continuing Medical Education & Training

Comprehensive CE & CME Management,
Delivery & Reporting

Managing & Publishing CE & CME Activities is as simple as... well, you get it

CME Activity Manager

Manage all aspects of CME Activity – from initial CME Proposal, to Application approval, to Event scheduling and creation of enduring materials. Automated notifications and workflow ensure you meet all ACCME criteria and required PARS reporting.

Media Portal

Manage events and register attendees – then stream live while recording the event. Easily create enduring materials and other course-ware. Distribute video-based courses to user-roles you define.  Learners enjoy on-demand access and viewing on any device. Watch the video.

Reports Manager

Generate reports to satisfy ACCME PARS as well as your internal training requirements. Validate and track user content views, competency levels, survey results, and comments. Measure the effectiveness of every communication.

Your content will look great on any device

tablet, smartphone, PC

Deliver content to learners anywhere in the world

Your content represents your brand. CME, employee training, contractor safety orientation, and patient-focused videos will look great on any device (tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC). 

Our integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) guarantees a great user experience, no matter where in the world your users are.

tablet, smartphone, PC

More features we think you’ll like... 

Simple Pricing

Our software delivery model means there is no up-front capital investment, just a single, reasonable, predictable  monthly fee.  All product features are included – and you get new features as they become available at no additional cost. 

Fast Deployment

You’ll benefit from fast implementation, better application security, efficiency and scalability, with no drain on your internal resources or special expertise needed.  Get your CE and CME portal working for you in a matter of days instead of months. 

Learning Management System

Medical Media Portal is a true Learning Management System, allowing you to deliver, test and verify outcomes, completion and compliance. Deliver courseware to clinicians, employees, contractors and patients. Conduct surveys and collect user feedback.

Content Management System

Manage video content, documents, user certifications – even events. Access to all content is easily controlled by System Administrator-assigned user-roles. The content your user sees is based on the user-role assigned to them.

Create You Own Videos

Your subject matter experts record perfectly formatted video presentations from their desktop, lecture hall, or OR, and easily upload them to the Portal. Content reviewers can approve, publish and distribute content to all – or to select user-roles.


Deliver CME and employee training certification. Course creators can attach disclosures, tests and surveys to each piece of video content and issue certificates of completion.  Easily track workforce completion and compliance.

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