Reports Manager

Comprehensive Analytics 

Beautiful Graphics – Convenient Drill-downs

Medical Media Portal's Reports Manager enables managers to quickly run dynamic, interactive reports including dashboards with drill-down capability, graphs and ad hoc reporting.

Dashboards are configurable and easy to understand, making them an essential part of the decision making process. 

Multi-site data can “roll up” to a regional, national, or international dashboard, giving managers a snapshot of the compliance status and progress of all locations for which they are responsible.  

Generate Reports – Export in Multiple Formats

Simple, Customizable Reports

System Administrators can generate reports in order to satisfy ACCME PARS reporting, along with other organizational compliance requirements. Easily validate which content users have viewed, competency levels, and survey results.

Reports Manager is flexible, allowing managers to quickly create reports by choosing a combination of filters. Once a report is generated, users can print, email or export it in a host of formats including; PDF, CSV, Excel, Rich Text Format, TIFF or Web Archive.  

Reports Manager has an additional “Interactive Grid” allowing you to further manipulate the data by providing advanced features like  filter, group and sort. 

Configurable Dashboards

Proactive Business Management

Configurable dashboards make it easy to identify compliance issues and trends over time. Any data element captured within the System is available for reporting.

Managers can drill-down to specific groups that may be having issues, examine the details, and develop an appropriate remediation plan.

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